REXframe compared

We specialise in the production of aluminium framing systems that offer our users a compact, easy to use, sustainable signage solution.

Old School
Display Solutions

Use foamex and rigid boards, restricting shipping and design options

Manufactured from MDF for one time use, then torn down & disposed of after an event

Long build times, often taking several days to erect an exhibition stand

Lack of configuration options meaning less adaptable solutions

Bad for the environment, non-recyclable & requires large trucks for shipping

With REXframe

Uses textiles for great versatility and the ability to fold for minimal shipping costs

Reusable aluminium profiles that can be used for multiple events and adapted over time

Super-fast and easy to build, even large displays can be built within hours, not days

Completely customisable allow unlimited configurations

Sustainable and uses recyclable aluminium, which can be reused or repurposed & shipped in small packages

Trusted by the best

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REXframe is the perfect tension frame solution for signage for events, exhibitions, conferences, retail, TV, stage and theatre sets, and it could be just what you’re looking for to build a next project. To find your nearest Authorized REXframe Dealer please Contact Us and we will get back to you with their information.

REXframe is supported with a full range of components and accessories

Manufactured with simplicity in mind.

The sturdy aluminium frame is assembled using a simple connector system and has the option of high-powered LED lighting. The fabric prints have a rubber lip which is easily inserted into the frame. The elasticity of the fabric ensures a perfect fit.

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REXframe - Endless configurations.

Our range of accessories are what brings everything together, quickly and easily. Whether you’re looking for a single-tool operation, cube corners or rigging points we’ve got you covered.

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Bright, even coverage across your whole display.

LED lights are the smart lighting choice, giving better results at a fraction of the energy cost. The 24-volt LED modules we supply simply clip into the frame and are easily removed when dismantling.

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Specifically Manufactured for REXframe

From our pneumatic hole punching machine, through to our gasket sewing guide we help you improve productivity and ensure a snug fit.

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REXframe for Retail

Serious Shopfronts & POS

Minimum frame and maximum graphic means REXframe is perfect to create stunning retail  and POS displays…

Strong and sturdy whether it’s wall mounted or free standing, REXframe offers itself to a huge range of environments from shopfronts to red carpet backdrops.